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Feeling my 50s

Hello you fabulous followers! Whew, life sure comes at you fast. I turned 50 this month and it's got me feeling all the feels reflecting on I want to do with my remaining time on this planet. I have so many dreams and ambitions I want to come true!! And I hope that all of your dreams come true because we DESERVE!

Digital portrait by Jen White-Johnson featuring me, a disabled Asian American woman with a tracheostomy attached to a ventilator tube. I am wearing a blue cardigan and red lip color. To my left is Bert, a brown tabby who is has an enigmatic expression, and to my right is Ernie, an orange cat who is giving a blissfuly blank expression. Confetti is in the background in bright colors. All three of us are wearing birthday party hats in the shape of cones.

One thing I decided to do this month is raise money to erase medical debt with RIP Medical Debt. Each dollar donated equals $100 in medical debt erased! I raised over $15,000 which equals $1.5 million in medical debt!! Instead of gifts, I'm asking friends and acquaintances to donate so please consider if you have the means!


The second thing I did is write an essay for Time magazine on my relationship with mortality as a disabled person turning 50. Shit's been rough lately and man, I'm still fucking here!

Living With Muscular Dystrophy Makes Death My Shadow Partner
“As I turn 50, I am filled with mixed emotions. I dread what lies ahead if I reach 60,” writes Alice Wong.

On top of all of this, my second anthology, DISABILITY INTIMACY, is coming out on April 30th!!! I moderated my first in a series of three online book events with the Longmore Institute on Disability and you can register for the next two!

April 25th tinyurl.com/DisabilityIntimacy2

May 23rd tinyurl.com/DisabilityIntimacy3

A tan and cream background. In the bottom corner is the cover of Disability Intimacy, with colorful flowers over a white background. The text of this image reads: THE LONGMORE INSTITUTE ON DISABILITY AND THE DISABILITY VISABILITY PROJECT PRESENT: DISABILITY INTIMACY, Essays on Love, Care, and Desire by Alice Wong, A Panel Series. Hear from panelists featured in the anthology as they explore disability and intimacy themes tied to romance, community, caregiving and friendships. Moderated by Alice Wong. March 26th tinyurl.com/DisabilityIntimacy April 25th tinyurl.com/DisabilityIntimacy2 May 23rd tinyurl.com/DisabilityIntimacy3

2024 started horribly for me with a horrific healthcare experience but I think the rest will be a banger!

Love and solidarity,