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dear elia

dear elia

If you want me to sound like a crank, then ask me about books by Asian American disabled people and I will go OFF! Things are slowly getting better but we need and deserve so much more. I'm delighted to offer 2 paperback copies of dear elia: Letters from the Asian American Abyss available now from Duke University Press. Details below.

Cover of dear elia: letters from the Asian American abyss by Mimi Khúc.Cover has a light blue background, with a photograph in the center of the page. The photograph depicts a young girl in a floral dress and pink shoes. She holds a stick and walks down an empty path, lined on each side with grass and bushes. Designed by Aimee C. Harrison

About the book

In dear elia Mimi Khúc revolutionizes how we understand mental health. Khúc traces the contemporary Asian American mental health crisis from the university into the maw of the COVID-19 pandemic, reenvisioning mental health through a pedagogy of unwellness—the recognition that we are all differentially unwell. In an intimate series of letters, she bears witness to Asian American unwellness up close and invites readers to recognize in it the shapes and sources of their own unwellness. Khúc draws linkages between student experience, the Asian immigrant family, the adjunctification of the university, and teaching methods pre- and post-COVID-19 to illuminate hidden roots of our collective unwellness: shared investments in compulsory wellness and meritocracy. She reveals the university as a central node and engine of unwellness and argues that we can no longer do Asian American studies without Asian American mental health—and vice versa. Interspersed throughout the book are reflective activities, including original tarot cards, that enact the very pedagogy Khúc advances, offering readers alternative ways of being that divest from structures of unwellness and open new possibilities for collective care.

About the author

Mimi Khúc is a writer, scholar, and teacher of things unwell. She is the creator of Open in Emergency and the Asian American Tarot.


1) Any disabled person in the US or Canada is eligible to receive a paperback. You do not need to disclose any details about your disability.

If you already received a book from one of my previous giveaways, please consider letting other people have a chance.

2) If you do not receive a reply that means the books have been claimed or you did not include all the required information.

3) Send an email to DisabilityVisibilityProject@gmail.com with 'Mimi Khúc Giveaway’ in the title of the message. Do not reply to this post!!

4) Include the following information in your message:

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Please note: I will send this information along with your email address to the publisher. They are responsible for confirming your details and sending you the book. Please be patient!